About Edward

Edward found yoga back in 2012 at age 40 when he saw an advertisement for hot yoga in Limerick. His first class was one of the toughest workouts he ever did and has never looked back since. It was then he realised how tight and weak his body was after years protecting himself following a major car accident many years before which resulted in multiple injuries that took many years to heal. Through regular practice and lots of hard but enjoyable classes, he has transformed his body to a much stronger and more flexible version of his previous self.  

In 2016, Edward decided to embark on his first yoga teacher training in Thailand where he studied Absolute Hot Yoga. Edward chose to teach this style of yoga because it offered a challenging class to achieve health and fitness in a way that was clear and easy for students to understand, and he liked how the sequence was designed to include everyone no matter where they were on their journey to health. Edward continues to study yoga and has since completed a number of other trainings in Barcelona, Ireland and online to ensure he can continue to give his students a choice of classes with the most up to date and science-based fitness goals ensuring no one gets left out.  

Edward teaches both private and group yoga classes in his home-based boutique yoga studio.  If you want to experience the health benefits of yoga, improve your strength and flexibility, Edward invites you to join his classes.  

Mission Statement

My mission is to give everyone the opportunity to get themselves and their bodies better. My classes are designed to help you accomplish what you came in for and more. It is my intention ot create a space for people to improve their health both physically and mentally and with my background in yoga teaching, sports therapy and anatomy, I aim to ensure my students have a safe and enjoyable experience with me on their yoga journey.


We uphold the highest standards of excellence in yoga instruction. We have acquired prestigious certifications and achieved remarkable milestones in the yoga journey. These accomplishments signify our unwavering dedication to honing our skills, deepening our knowledge, and providing you with an exceptional yoga experience. Join us and experience the benefits of practicing with a team that is continuously striving for greatness.