I have been taking Edward’s yoga classes for 6 years. I’m delighted with how much my overall fitness and flexibility have improved. Edward has a calm, clear, and encouraging way of teaching. His yoga rooms are so peaceful, are kept immaculate, and are in a beautiful country location. I always feel much better and more relaxed after each session. I’d recommend Edward’s classes to everyone.


Edward is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher. He supports students in building a yoga practice that is right for their bodies and intentions. I thoroughly enjoy Edward’s classes and have made new friends along the way.


Edward is very knowledgeable supportive and friendly, He tailors each class to suit the needs and preferences of each student making sure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

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Edward is a really wonderful yoga teacher. His passion for yoga is so apparent in his class with his vast knowledge which he loves to share, and his attention to detail with his instructions. I always feel great after yoga with Edward.

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I really enjoy Edward’s yoga classes. His instructions are clear & he always differentiates based on individuals abilities. He enables you to achieve the most you can from every class.

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